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The content of this wiki is the result of the collective work of the entire community. So that this work will not be in vain and all the articles at some point are not irretrievably lost as a result of unforeseen circumstances or technical failures, all the contents of the wiki are archived daily and uploaded to the repository on a special server. Anyone can download a lightweight copy of this archive, store it on their own machine and use it at their own discretion. In fact, this archive is a data backup and can be used to restore all articles on another server.

The archive is created daily at 23-30 (UTC+3:00), the download link on this page is updated automatically: The archive of all articles.

How to restore articles from the backup

You need to install dokuwiki, copy the contents of the directory named “data” from the archive to the corresponding directory of the installed dokuwiki, and configure the web server access rights to the recovered files.

To give dokuwiki the same look as on this resource, you can use the template Navigation and the IndexMenu plugin.

Users registration data is not included in the archive for security reasons, and all users will have to register again on the new server.

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