Not a goal of Yggdrasil

Welcome to this article! If you've been sent here, it means you're being bullshit and don't understand that “is not a goal of Yggdrasil”! Likely you was been also politely told to fuck off go somewhere other than here.

This phrase comes from main developer Neil Alexander's answer in the Matrix room to a question about Yggdrasil's advantages over Tor:

<>: hi all ! whats the advantage of yggdrasil vs tor ? With hidden services tor provides a internal network and also anonymity.
<>: Anonymity is not a goal of Yggdrasil. We are a project trying to build an efficient and scalable mesh routing protocol, one that finds the best possible route through the network with a given set of links

And so, what is not the goal of Yggdrasil?


If you want anonymity, then you are obviously at the wrong place. Let's rehearse it together - “not a goal of Yggdrasil!”


Obviously, who would argue, that's obviously is “not a goal of Yggdrasil!” As soon as you install Yggdrasil on your device, take care of the firewall, because your security is the purpose of the firewall!


“Not a goal of Yggdrasil”, as weekly panic is common.

Proxy mode

Proxy mode (HTTP/SOCKS) of Yggdrasil would help with browser support, and, for example, with creating Yggdrasil browser extension with no installation! This would solve insecure connection problem (HTTP is “insecure”), resolve 300:: subnet collisions, but that “is not a goal of Yggdrasil”! (By the way, Neil was doing SOCKS-mode support yggstack)


How nice it would be if a simple installation was enough to run Yggdrasil, with no additional configuration, but this “is not a goal of Yggdrasil”!


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